About us

Pro Patria Lodge No. 4144 meets every 1st Thursday in February, March, April, October, November and December, at 17:45.

Moseley Masonic Hall

Our regular meetings are held at:

Moseley Masonic Hall
221 Alcester Road South
Kings Heath
B14 6DT

We are a Worcestershire Lodge even though we meet in Birmingham.

The Masonic Provinces across England were established in antiquity so do not follow modern County boundaries.

We are very proud of our Worcestershire heritage and there is always plenty of light hearted banter with our brethren from neighbouring Provinces as to who are the better...even though many of us belong to orders in these other Provinces! 

Our regular gatherings consist of a private Lodge meeting during which we wear our traditional regalia.

These meetings are private to Lodge members and visiting brethren only. It is during this time that we carry out Lodge business, initiate new members into Freemasonry and existing members are ceremonially merited with other degrees and offices. Our ceremonies are learnt by heart and performed by the members in Lodge during these private meetings.

Following our meetings we remove our regalia and enjoy a meal together in one of our dining rooms. Usually, the evening ends at about 10pm.

Also, every year we hold a short meeting in order to invite family and friends to join us for a meal. This is a great opportunity for interested gentlemen to visit us with their partners and find out about Freemasonry. We also have a formal Black Tie ball usually in October which we call Ladies Evening (have a look at our photo gallery). We do this to say thank you to our ladies for the support and help they give us through the year.

Room pictureAgain; it presents a perfect opportunity for non-masons to come along and get a feel for Freemasonry at Pro Patria Lodge.

Freemasonry presents plenty of opportunity for socialising and we love to involve our families and friends in the things we do.

If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to contact us via this website.  

We have 6 formal Lodge meetings a year between October to April. We also meet to rehearse our ceremonies and to plan for future meetings. We do not meet as a Lodge in January or over the summer, however we do enjoy various social events together betweeen May - September.