The Begining 

How Pro Patria Lodge began...

By the end of the 1914-18 Great War Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No.1874 in the Province of Worcestershire had in excess of eighty members. This lodge is a Services Lodge, so its members were or had been soldiers, sailors or airmen.


In addition there was a considerable waiting list to join this well established military Lodge which met at Moseley Masonic Hall in Birmingham. Many members who had both ability and ambition; including those who on account of their absence on Military Service had been prevented from taking office, realised that there was little possibility of their attaining even the junior offices in the Lodge.

A few who, having considered the situation resolved to convene a meeting of those who were interested in forming a new lodge and an invitation was issued to the Worshipful Master, Past Masters and Brethren of Lechmere Volunteer Lodge to attend the meeting which was held at the Masonic Hall Institute Road, Kings Heath on 17th December 1919. Seventeen Brethren attended this meeting over which W.Bro. W. G. Hammond. P.P.G.W. was invited to preside.

The subject was discussed at some length and with great enthusiasm. It was unanimously agreed that a new lodge was necessary. A further meeting was held at the Imperial Hotel, on 2nd January 1920 when it was unanimously resolved to petition The Most Worshipful Grand Master for a warrant to form a new lodge.

SummonsIt was agreed that no brother holding office in Lechmere Volunteer Lodge should be appointed to active office in the new Lodge. Another meeting was convened for 20th February 1920 at Bulls Head Hotel at which it was resolved that the name of the new lodge should be ‘Lechmere United Services Lodge’. This name was subsequently ruled inadmissible by the Grand Secretary and it was suggested and agreed that the name of the new Lodge should be ‘Pro Patria’ (For Country) with the motto ‘FIDE ET ARMIS’ (By Faith and Arms). The final arrangements for the consecration were settled at a meeting held at the Midland Hotel on 20th December 1920.

The illustration to the right is of a Lodge Summons from 1939. (The somewhat officious term 'Summons' is used by Freemasons to refer to the invitation and agenda we receive regarding a forthcoming meeting).

Our name and motto reflects our military origins and a silver embossed Hall Stone Jewel at the top of the summons shows that Pro Patria Lodge fulfilled its obligation to English Freemasonry by assisting in raising funds for a new Masonic Temple in London dedicated to the memory of the many fallen Freemasons who died during the Great War of 1914-18.

Further history about the Hall Stone Jewel can be found on the following page

The Founding and Consecration of Pro Patria Lodge No. 4144

Formation of the Lodge

sir francis davies

Pro Patria Lodge No. 4144 was consecrated at Moseley Masonic Hall, Institute Road, Kings Heath Birmingham on Friday 7th January 1921 at 3pm.

The ceremony was carried out by the Rt. W.Bro Lt. Gen. Sir Francis Davies, K.C.B, P.G.D., Provincial Grand Master, assisted by his Provincial Grand Officers.The foreword in the first Minute Book of Pro Patria Lodge refers to the conditions prevailing in our mother lodge Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No.1874 immediately after the end of the 1914 - 1918 War.

After the Consecration Ceremony the Installation of the Worshipful Master and the Investiture of the Officers took place. 

Since our Consecration Pro Patria Lodge has maintained a historic record of all our meetings. Freemasons Lodges traditionally keep minutes of their meetings and Freemasons records can be a treasure trove of information for geneologists tracing their relatives. Our records provide us with a continuous link to our traditions and customs and keep alive the memory of many noteworthy characters who have passed this way through the years.