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Interested in finding out more about Freemasonry?

Finding out about Freemasonry is easy. You can visit the United Grand Lodge of England website where your questions about Freemasonry will be answered. This is a super website and will tell you all about our ancient and honourable institution. 

Freemasons hall

You can also visit the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire website where you can find out about the history of Freemasonry in our province and what is happening in Worcestershire at the moment.

These websites are true and trusted places to gain reliable and correct information about Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England

Becoming a Freemason - Just Ask

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason the first and easiest thing to do is to ask a member of the Lodge. S&C pngThere is a slogan in American Freemasonry which is 2B1ASK1 - To be one ask one. 

That’s just how you do it. We wait for interested people to seek us out and ask us. Never be worried about asking. Our Lodge Information Officer will be very obliging in answering any questions you may have. And there’s  no obligation in just finding out.

If you are interested we will likely invite you and your family along to meet our Lodge members and their families for dinner at the Masonic Hall.

We also encourage those interested in joining to ask questions of us and importantly do their own research through visiting the websites linked to this page. It's imperative that men wanting to join have a clear idea of what we are all about.

To join you must be aware that there are 3 essential qualifications required for men to become UGLE Freemasons and these are;

1. You must believe in a Supreme Being

2. You are a man aged over 21 years (18 in some circumstances)

3. You are of good moral character   

Other important considerations:-

You must have the means to pay subscriptions which are usually about £200 initial joining fee then afterwards an annual subscription of about £160.

There are also dining fees of around £20-£25 per meeting so on average Pro Patria costs about £300-£400 per year all in. At every meeting we have a charitable appeal, usually for a local or national charity, but you only give what you want or can afford. If you then visit other Lodges then dining fees apply also. 

Worcs PGLSubscriptions pay for Pro Patria’s upkeep of the Masonic Hall, Worcestershire Provincial Grand Lodge subscription, United Grand Lodge subscription, charitable contributions along with our own Lodge's sundry and fixed costs.  

Your family must be supportive of you becoming a Freemason and no application will proceed any further if joining Freemasonry causes discord at home.

You also need to consider the time you give to Freemasonry; as what’s the point of joining and paying these fees if you don’t have the time or inclination to go? Your commitment to your family and your livelihood always comes before Freemasonry.

If you wish to proceed with membership you will be required to complete a joining form and provide character references. You will need a proposer and seconder in the Lodge – this is usually the Freemason you know and it’s never difficult to get someone else in the Lodge to support your application.  

Pillar 1As soon as the proposal and paperwork are done we will visit you at home to talk through any questions you may have, and to ensure that your family is happy with you applying. Yes, we do ask wives and partners! There is also a ballot held in the Lodge to confirm your application with the members.

Once everything is complete and in place a date is set for you to be initiated into Freemasonry. It’s on this evening you pay your joining fees and ceremonially become a 1st Degree Freemason – an Entered Apprentice

Every Freemason starts at this same place and always in the same manner with no exceptions.

Pillar 2After a while you will progress to the 2nd Degree known as a Fellow Craft then finally the 3rd Degree which is a Master Mason. Progress after this is by merit and not by Degree. 

At this point if you wish, you can join other orders such as Royal Arch Chapter, Knights Templar, Mark Masonry to name a few of the appendant or side Orders.

So, if you are interested in becoming a Freemason and would like to find out more about Pro Patria Lodge in particular, please contact us through this website's Contact Us page and we will be in touch. All emails and communications are treated in strictest confidence by our Information Officer.

Talks on Freemasonry

If you belong to a group or club and would like to receive an informative and interesting talk on Freemasonry them please get in touch through the website as our Information Officer will only be too happy to oblige. We are an open and transparent organisation so these talks are available to anyone, young and old, men and women. They also provide an excellent opportunity to directly put questions to Freemasons about the fraternity.